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Cassidy Nield

We’re live!
I’m so happy to have finally launched our site <3

For me, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been dreaming of this for a couple of years now and it’s finally here!

I’ve always been very interested in a sustainable, earth friendly lifestyle and now I can share with you the things I’ve found and learnt along my journey.

About 2 years ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Lauren Singer and her ZeroWaste story. I was instantly intrigued! Hours were spent delving into the ZeroWaste world of YouTube, which was still a rarely discussed topic at that point. Most of Lauren’s videos were based around her rubbish and the fact that she only produced a small mason jar full each year! This was a far off reality in my head at this point, but still a goal to achieve one day.

After a few months I got our landfill waste (myself, my boyfriend’s) down to a small mason jar full every 3-4weeks. This was an awesome achievement in my eyes!

Ever since then, I’ve been focusing on minimising the waste we bring into our home and the impact we have on our planet. I’ve slowly replaced cheap, low quality, and plastic items with more sustainable, durable products made from glass, wood and stainless steel.

This is a brief story of my journey towards living a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle on our planet 🌏

So take a look around our site and get inspired to start your journey.

Thanks for stopping by!